• PMA will provide intellectual technology that will be at the core of the management infrastructure and services that PMA will offer PMA Clients. PMA Clients will be provided the intellectual technology necessary for them to ensure that their members can demonstrate to third party payors that they are clinically and/or financially integrated, and that the technology is at a sufficient level of sophistication to adequately and appropriately manage multiple payor
  • PMA will provide PMA Clients with the funding necessary to support at-risk
  • PMA will offer PMA Clients the infrastructure and personnel necessary for day-to-day operations.
  • PMA will offer PMA Physician Clients a range of intellectual technology solutions, together with implementation and training assistance, to ensure that PMA Physician Clients can contribute to the clinical integration of PMA’s Client networks and to enable PMA Physician Clients’ achievement of improvements in operational and clinical efficiencies to promote the new CPT: the Right Care at the Right Place at the Right Time.

The heart of any clinically integrated health care delivery network is its data technology. PMA will provide its PMA Clients with the appropriate data collection tools, intellectual technology and personnel to assist its clients and their members to effectively manage the patient care data in order to ensure that their members achieve clinical integration. The goal of clinical integration is to achieve higher quality of care at lower costs.

Salus Billing is offered “exclusively” for IPANS members only. The Salus Team has an experienced staff that is laser-focused on helping independent physicians remain independent by being an extension of YOUR office. We work together to identify the “root cause”, provide training and resources to ensure we are able to bill efficiently and accurately. If you are an IPANS member and are interested in Salus Billing services please contact us today at: [email protected]

Practice Management of America, Inc. (“PMA”) provides management services to IPANS members that are in need of administrative support ranging from full management of office personnel to handling of back-office functions as it relates to billing and collections. The goal is for physicians to have the ability to focus on what is most important, the “patient”, and not be burdened with the administrative functions of the day-to-day operations of the business. PMA has the expertise and the resources that have proved to be successful. For additional information on the services available please contact us today at: [email protected]

IPAN’s offers its members a Group Purchasing option thru Yankee Alliance. The savings to the members ranges from discounts with major mobile carriers to medications to equipment. You can reach out to directly to the IPANS Yankee Alliance contact for more information.

PMA/IPANS has entered into a collaboration agreement with Suffolk Medical Society to provide PMA Physician Clients with education and training on non-clinical topics relevant to PMA Physician Clients and their practices, on topics which may include HIPAA and HITECH, OSHA, FDA regulations, etc.


PMA/IPANS will maintain a research division which will offer consultation services to PMA Physician Clients on best practices for independent physician practices including salary studies, work flow process, clinical benchmarks, financial analysis and more.


PMA/IPANS will work closely with local medical societies and organizations and will advocate for its PMA Clients before members of the state government and health regulatory agencies.

IPANS is pleased to announce the that we now offer a full-range of credentialing services for our members. IPANS has a fully delegated credentialing department that will now allow our members to join plans in as little as 30 days. Delegated credentialing alleviates the administrative burden of completing applications for the various plans the IPA participates with.

PMA will provide full service management of all areas of patient care services that can include full deployment to oversight of work-flow process, the level of management involvement will be tailored to meet the clients needs.

  • Urgent Care
  • Ambulatory Surgical Center
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • Telemedicine
  • Physician Recruitment and Retention

The Independent Physician Association of Nassau/Suffolk Counties, Inc., “IPANS”, has been successful in securing enhanced contracts for its physician members through a messenger-model which contracts with Medicare Advantage and commercial payors on behalf of the IPANS members. IPANS has developed a high performing preferred provider network with financially stable membership providing cost effective, high quality patient centered primary care.



Participating practices can “opt-in” or “opt-out” of each contract. Contracts include a range of incentives for quality, PCMH recognition, cost containment, as well as delegated credentialing to expedite enrollment with some health plans.

PMA will provide PMA IPA Clients and PMA Physician Clients with technologies that run performance analytics, provider performance and cost utilization reports to identify opportunities and areas for improvement within the network. PMA will aggregate and analyze relevant data to identify performance improvement and shortfalls and work with PMA IPA Clients and the PMA Physician Clients to develop and implement strategies for improvements in care, outcomes and cost. PMA’s focused investment strategy in this regard will ensure that PMA IPA Clients and PMA Physician Clients will be successful in Risk/Shared Savings Contracts with payors.

The Independent Physician Association of Nassau/Suffolk Counties, Inc., “IPANS”, provides an additional layer of support to our members with its robust clinical care management team comprised of talented clinicians that include; physicians, physician assistants, registered nurse case managers, social workers, pharmacists, coding & compliant specialists and patient navigators that are focused on providing the highest level of service to IPANS physicians and their patients by being essential members of the healthcare team. Scheduling patients for important tests, reconciling medications after a hospitalization, addressing social barriers to health, and providing patient education are among the many duties of the care management team. Robust data feeds from multiple sources including hospitals, labs, insurance companies and physicians’ offices, enable team members to assess and stratify patient risk and most importantly take appropriate action to ensure Right Care, at the Right Place, at the Right Time ®

PMA’s goal is to partner with a PEO to provide its PMA Physician Clients with a group health insurance product to insure the lives of the PMA Physician Clients, their employees and their respective dependents. The vision of PMA is to establish a group health plan that will be, in part, self-funded by PMA.

As PMA evolves and the Group Health Insurance plan and captive professional liability insurance plan are established, PMA will serve as the third party administrator to such insurance plans to review, process and adjudicate claims.

The Independent Physician Association of Nassau/Suffolk Counties, Inc., “IPANS”, offers its members an opportunity to achieve real savings with its Group Malpractice Program. Members have saved 20-60% on their malpractice premiums with our exclusive purchasing group program. Even if you are not looking to change carriers, allow us to review your policy to provide you with an evaluation as to whether we can save you money. There are no additional costs or fees and to date our members have saved over $4,000,000.

The direct to employer care model is a complete care management system to include; care coordination, pharmacy reconciliation, centers of excellence to help drive quality and lower cost.