About Us

Practice Management of America, Inc. (“PMA”) was founded in 2013.  PMA is a management service organization, “MSO”) that acts as an extension of our organization and tailors our services to meet your needs.  PMA services include, but are not limited to: IPA management, negotiation and strategic planning, financial analysis, and revenue cycle analytics.  We proudly service and partner with over 2,000 physicians, 2 IPA’s and 1 Direct to Employer Model.

Our Purpose

Practice Management of America, Inc. “PMA” is a Managed Service Organization, “MSO” devoted to the notion that the independent practitioner and independent community hospital based physicians must be permitted to exist, compete and thrive in the face of rapid changes in the economics of the healthcare industry.  PMA, through its services and strategic alliances will allow physicians and other licensed healthcare practitioners to focus on their practices and not on operating their businesses.


“Care Management isn’t an app or a call from someone from another country. PMA Care management is local personnel coordinating the care for the patients.”

Physician in a PMA market

“We see significant results when experienced MSOs, like PMA, bring know-how, centralized resources, and tools to bear for Independent Practices.”

Senior Insurance Healthcare Executive

“PMA made sure I got the right care through coordination, education and dedication. I can’t say thank you enough.”

Patient in Florida

“PMA has done a great job in assisting our employees through the complicated medical maze and the cost savings to the us has been significant!”

Human Resource Director for Members